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Medical Transcription Services, Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Scribe Services, and Electronic Medical Record Software Services.
Clinical Documentation Made Easy
Resulting in complete documentation, enhanced compliance, and appropriate reimbursement.
Specificity Matters
Dictate the History, Assessment and Plan. Don’t let your EHR prevent you from capturing your patient’s full story.
Billing & Revenue Cycle Management
Healthcare Billing Services. Cashflow is the lifeline of your practice; MDS provides the right solution.
Azalea Health Next Generation EHR
True Cloud-Intuitive Software
Medical Scribes Real-Time Documentation
Increasing efficiency in the documentation of patient encounters.
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Accurate health information documentation is vital to the integrity of patient health records.

Narrative dictation is key to capturing the context and nuances of a patient’s story. Dictate their story!

High standards and the use of best practices in clinical documentation solutions help create healthy lives.

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We Make Your EHR More Productive!

MDS of Kansas is a 30+ year, Kansas grown, medical document service specializing in Healthcare Documentation Services.  We take pride in the longevity we have established with our customers, providing quality medical transcription services, medical billing, and medical scribe services. We are actively engaged in EHR operations with an emphasis on narrative placeholders and dictation integration. As a pioneer in the industry, MDS is proud to be a strategic partner with Azalea Health Innovations. With Azalea Health, MDS offers a complete suite of ONC certified EHR solutions.



Building on more than 30 years’ healthcare documentation experience, exceeding customer expectations


MDS Revenue Cycle Management


Web-based digital dictation WebChartMD©


Scribe services, both onsite and virtual

RealTime Solutions

MDS offers real-time solutions addressing the importance of specificity in the health record while improving cashflow margins and efficiency.


``The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.`` - Donald Kendall

President & CEO

A passionate entrepreneur, adept at managing all phases of a project with more than 30 years experience.

Having 33 years ...

in the medical field, I have witnessed firsthand the merging of advanced technology. This continues to place an emphasis on efficient and accurate healthcare documentation with new demands on physicians. I am committed to helping alleviate those bottlenecks.
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Tonnie brings more than 25 years experience to #TeamTranscription. Her expertise is invaluable.

QA Manager

Her strengths in meeting deadlines, day-to-day operations, new technologies, and pursuit and development of new accounts are priceless!
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CPC, Billing

Tracy is on #TeamBilling, mentoring and ensuring day to day processes are met. She thrives on the details!

Billing & Coding

Her curiosity, attention to detail, integrity, interpersonal and technical skills set her apart in this industry. MDS is proud to have her on this team!
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CPC, Billing

#TeamBilling is home to Kat. As a skilled CPC, she is ready to scrub those claims!

Billing & Coding

Kat possesses the important qualities needed for this industry and has become an integral part of the MDS billing department.
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CPC, Billing

Rachael brings much experience and knowledge to #TeamBilling. She is eager to learn and problem-solve.

Billing & Coding

Her background and education in medical billing compliments the billing team and she has quickly become a key player here at MDS.
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Medical Scribe

Accomplished Medical Transcription background setting up the perfect transition to #TeamScribe.

Virtual Medical Scribe

Because of her extensive experience as a medical transcriptionist for more than 10 years, MDS knew she would excel with this new skillset and become a valuable asset to the medical scribe team here at MDS.
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Medical Scribe

Melissa is a Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS). #TeamScribe is ideal for her education/experience.

Virtual Medical Scribe

Melissa provides real-time, at the point of care, clinical documentation. She is helping to alleviate any bottlenecks while providing increased productivity for her provider.
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Medical Scribe

#TeamScribe is exactly where Alice blooms! Her medical experience was the bridge to scribing.

Virtual Medical Scribe

Alice provides real-time, at the point of care, clinical documentation. She is helping to alleviate any bottlenecks while providing increased productivity for her provider.
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