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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

CEO & President

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Billing Specialist

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MT & QA Manager

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A passionate entrepreneur, adept at managing all phases of a project from needs assessment to completion. Ms. Aubuchon began her career as a registered medical assistant (RMA) in 1986 while attending Wichita State University and studying Business Management. She entered the field of medical transcription in 1988, and as an entrepreneur quickly built her own successful medical transcription service with MDS of Kansas. She now has more than two decades in the medical field and in business management and operations, taking the company to new levels of growth. Ms. Aubuchon launched an aggressive expansion plan in 2012 offering new services in Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management, Electronic Health Record Software Services, and Medical Scribe education and services.

Tracy works in the billing department ensuring day to day billing processes are met timely. She is instrumental to the efficiency of MDS’ billing workflow. Tracy is a Certified Professional Coder and Certified Coding Specialist with 7+ years working in the office doing billing work. She is adept at working within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, scrubbing clinical documentation for coding accuracy and specificity that translates into maximum reimbursement for the client. She thrives on learning new specialties and with her analytical skills, she is all about scouring a chart to capture all relevant codes. Her curiosity, attention to detail, integrity, interpersonal and technical skills set her apart in this industry. MDS is proud to have her on this team!

Tonnie joined MDS of Kansas in 2014 as a medical transcriptionist with more than 18 years’ experience in the industry. She is seasoned in cardiology but has many other specialties, including orthopedic, oncology, etc. In addition to medical transcription experience, Tonnie has exceptional electronic health record (EHR) knowledge and is working in as many as 3-4 electronic systems daily. Because of her extensive experience, she has easily transitioned into quality assurance and editing, becoming a key “go-to” person for questions in medical transcription or electronic health record software systems. As new members join the team, she is able to help them transition with setup, program installations, and workflow. Her strengths in meeting deadlines, day-to-day operations, new technologies, and pursuit and development of new accounts are priceless!

Billing Specialist

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Medical Scribe

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Medical Scribe

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Kat joined MDS’ billing department in 2019 as an intern, and things worked out so well we added her to the team! Kat is a seasoned CNA with medical office experience and decided to further her education in medical coding and billing. She completed the program at Butler Community College and then sat for her Certified Professional Coding license, passing on the first test. Kat possesses the important qualities needed for this industry and has become an integral part of the MDS billing department.

Rachael began her career as a Medical Transcriptionist in 2007 after completing the transcription program at MDS of Kansas.  She has worked in many specialties becoming a seasoned medical language specialist and transcriptionist.  In 2017-2018 she expanded her footprint at MDS deciding to retool her transcription experience and become a medical scribe.  Because of her extensive experience as a medical transcriptionist for more than 10 years, MDS knew she would excel with this new skillset and become a valuable asset to the medical scribe team here at MDS.   We continue to be excited about the ever-changing clinical and medical office setting, affording medical scribe opportunities, and very happy to have Rachael continue to be part of this team.

Hattye began her career in the medical field as a Pharmacy Technician. After four years of working in the pharmacy field, she decided to pursue a career in nursing. Hattye joined MDS of Kansas in mid-2017 and has been working as a Medical Scribe since the completion of her CMSS program. She is currently working towards her degree in nursing. She then hopes to further her education and continue on to become a Physician’s Assistant. Hattye is directly involved in the development of new growth and ideas in the curriculum, utilizing sharp medical language, grammar, and specific do’s and don’ts in clinical documentation, as well as mastering electronic health record nomenclature.