Student Testimonials

Choosing the right education and training is critical

  • "My coworker and I were recently the first group to complete the 2-week MSCAT course at MDS of Kansas. Our background is that of certified medical transcriptionists, and we each have more than 20 years in the industry. The staff at MDS at Kansas were wonderful. They were kind, cordial, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The course was intense, and there was a lot of material to be covered in a very short time. The initial phase of the training focused on the regulatory side of the electronic health record and the reasons for its development. The course provided a basic EHR for us to work with so that we could learn the concepts and the rationale behind the various types of data entry into the record. One of the highlights of the training was the hands-on experience. MDS set up an exam room like it would be in a doctor’s office and had arranged for “patients” to come through with various complaints. While someone played doctor, the visit was documented by the scribe. We learned to be quick on our feet and to think ahead while working in the EHR. Although a basic EHR was available for us to use, we were able to quickly convert to our own EHR test environment without any problems. We now have standard work instructions for functioning in our EHR as scribes. I won’t try to convince you that passing the certification exam was easy. It was one of the most intense exams I have ever taken, and I have taken many of them. With perseverance, however, we were able to become certified in short order, making us two of around 250 certified scribe specialists nationwide. Our facility is now engaged in implementing a scribe program. Although we are in the very initial stages, the information we learned through MDS has been invaluable in developing the program parameters. Would I do it again? Absolutely. One cannot have too much knowledge, and if nothing else, this course provided me with a well-rounded vision of what it takes to provide an accurate, timely, and complete medical record. Thanks to Donella, Donna, and Judy at MDS of Kansas for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you!"
    Sue Medical Scribe Specialist (MS, RHIT, CMSS, CMT) – Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • “I provide support for individuals through a work program and often assist individuals in accessing education and training to help with obtaining better jobs. Through this program, I had the opportunity to work with Donella and her staff in providing guidance for an individual who enrolled in the medical transcription course work. I found Donella and her staff to be professional and always willing to be available to guide and encourage that individual. It seemed that working with this student was very personal for Donella and her staff. They were committed to ensuring that this student found success in completing the training, which then, led to employment with MDS. Donella and her staff have assisted the student to transition from training to employment by providing ongoing guidance. The commitment that Donella and her staff have for her students is unparalleled. I highly recommend the training that is provided by MDS. As a former teacher, I recognize that not only is the support exceptional, but that the course work is rigorous and prepares their students to be fully qualified for employment.”
    Lee Ann Brunson, MS Ed, Vocational/Educational Contractor
  • "The medical field and the English language have always been a passion for me. Growing up with my father being an orthopedic surgeon and being intrigued with anatomy and physiology, I felt drawn to medical transcription. I took a medical transcription course in 1995 and immediately thereafter began looking for work. Unfortunately, life got in the way. My mom became sick and I had to turn down a job offer from a well-known cardiologist in Savannah, Georgia in order to return to Alabama and care for her. Looking back on it, I know now that it was a sign that I needed a better education than what I had received. After moving to Wichita, Kansas in 2005 and with my son beginning to attend preschool, I felt it was the right time for me to pursue medical transcription again. I felt uneasy about looking for a job, having been away from the workforce for over 10 years with medical technology, not to mention computer technology, surpassing any and all education I had obtained in the past. I kept the thought in the back of mind for several years following that and decided I needed to gain more education in order to become the best medical transcription I could be. By the grace of God, I stumbled upon a brochure while waiting to see a doctor at the Emergency Medical Office at West Wichita Family Physicians. In September 2009, I bit the bullet and signed up for the course, immediately receiving an email from Donna Hill welcoming me to MDS of Kansas, LLC. I finished the course by the end of October 2010 and I can truly say that without the knowledge I have obtained from the program and the constant support and guidance from Donna Hill and Donella Aubuchon, I would certainly not be where I am today—transcribing as an independent subcontractor for MDS of Kansas. Donella and Donna have worked endlessly to provide an outstanding medical transcription course and strive to have each and every one of their students become transcriptionists they can be proud of and they encourage that same pride for the students to have in themselves. Their education course is so thorough that I have the confidence now and am more than prepared for being a competent medical transcriptionist, and I look forward to gaining more and more experience working for MDS and learning from their extremely helpful and encouraging staff. My sincere thanks to Donna and Donella and to all the ladies at MDS of Kansas."
    Susan, Medical Transcriptionist
  • "A couple of years ago, my long-time employer, a large medical center, closed the entire HIM department and outsourced our medical transcription work to an out-of-state company. Because it happened very abruptly, it came as a total shock to the system; but I soon realized that the medical transcription world was changing dramatically, and it was either adapt or become a dinosaur!   In looking for compatible career opportunities where I could use the knowledge of medical terminology I had gained over nearly 20 years, I found out that medical scribing is a pretty natural extension of transcription, requiring a very similar skill-set and knowledge of medical reports.  An on-line search led me to MDS, one of the only programs I could find where one could get a good grounding on the ins and outs of EHR systems as well as help with becoming a certified Clinical Information Manager.  Importantly, it also didn't require years of classwork.   By now, many Americans have become very familiar with the term "EHR" and know it's a huge component of almost any medical setting today.  I found the CSS program offered by MDS to be very extensive, quite challenging, and extremely helpful in giving me the exposure I needed to EHRs.   For many months prior to taking the CSS class, I had trouble finding any rewarding employment opportunities that were "up my alley."  The job market downturn certainly didn't help, but I also felt limited because although I was a very seasoned transcriptionist, I had had no experience working with a clinical EHR.  Now that most physicians have had to adapt to this new medical-records frontier, it was evident to me that I had to learn about it.   Being able to indicate on my resume that I had taken the initiative to become educated about EHR programs and could now use EHR terminology with more confidence was very helpful in leading to the job I now enjoy in a specialty clinic, working totally within the EHR to create and send physician correspondence...and I actually know what I'm doing!   I found Donella and Judy at MDS to be extremely supportive and encouraging, both during and beyond the class itself.  They've offered a hand in any way they can to help me be successful and happy in my employment, and I feel that I'd be able to turn to them in the future for either help or advice in the electronic health records field."      
    Carol, MT, MSS Medical Scribe Graduate
  • “The Accelerated Medical Scribe course through MDS of Kansas has been very rewarding as I continue my career in the medical field.  The class allowed me to work on my own time and at my own pace.  I learned the ins and outs of working with an EHR system which has been very beneficial.  Now that I am a Certified Scribe (CMSS) I feel appreciated by not only my doctor but by my co-workers as well.  I would recommend this course to anyone looking to gain further knowledge in the medical field.”
    MELISSA, CMSS Accelerated Medical Scribe Specialist