Medical Scribes

Onsite, real-time, at-the-point-of-care … healthcare documentation!

Scribes offer cost effective solutions so physicians can focus on being physicians!

  • Medical Scribes are becoming more and more valuable as physicians become more entangled in Electronic Health Record documentation.
  • Providers across the country are feeling the heavy burden of data entry created by EHR/EMR requirements and mandates.
  • The merging of advanced technology with continued emphasis on efficient and accurate health documentation has created a new career in the allied health profession.  While actually not entirely new, the need for clinical documentation specialists who offer services in real time for medical providers is becoming more prominent as healthcare providers seek ways to be more efficient and compliant with new regulations.
  • A medical scribe accompanies a physician and inputs clinical information into a medical record database as instructed by the physician. They may also input ancillary orders and track results to assist the physician in the administrative duties of patient care. They provide an interface between a busy physician and the EHR/EMR software, which allows the physician to focus on direct patient care and diagnostic decision-making. The scribe offers an efficiency that enhances patient care, therefore allowing the physician to focus more of their time and energy on patient communication, diagnosis, treatment, and dictation rather than on administrative tasks.
  • With more time to focus on interacting with their patients, doctors see more patients while the scribe is documenting the patients visit and care plan, at the point of care – alleviating that burden from the doctor.

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